Isaiah Rashad’s “The Sun’s Tirade”

Isaiah Rashad released his new album The Sun’s Tirade earlier this month on September 2nd, 2016. I was a huge fan of the first album, and this second piece of work continues to deliver. The appeal of Rashad’s music is his angry, introspective, and still remarkably laid back music. In his first album, his music is self-aware. The song “Modest” discusses how he has to pretend he “has no clue that [he’s] the greatest.” In another song, he talks about he learned to “fall in love with something greater than debating suicide”. Like Vince Staples, he addresses hard issues with a laid-back tone, in a manner that sounds like he’s telling us just how it is. 

In my favorite song on the album “Free Lunch” (featured above), Isaiah celebrates the things he enjoys. “Steel in my liver, real n****s in my condom,” he sings, a line that made me double take the first time I heard it. On rap genius he states that the realest people he knows are his kids. “When I wrote this,” he says, “I was just thinking about honey grain alcohol and busting nuts.” His innovative give-no-fucks lyricism, consistent musical delivery, and relaxed approach is what constantly brings me back to Rashad’s music. If you want more of the goods found in “Free Lunch”, I recommend checking out the entirety of The Sun’s Tirade.


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