There Will Be More Poets

Everything moves remarkably quickly nowadays, which means that we are all naturally editing vast amounts of information into 140 characters. There is no time to fully explain ourselves, and as we see with certain presidential candidates, a good portion of the United States seems to not even mind when people say things that are completely false. The information landscape is so huge that the things that stick are the things that resonate with an incredible truthiness are the things that people are g0ing to remember. Gone are the days that we remember what we’re told is right, here come the days where we will believe anything that makes us feel good.

Which means that, in the Library of Babel, in the Information Ocean, the only way not to get lost is to have a solid and functional life outlook and philosophy. We need poems and verse, things to latch onto that are true, or true enough to help us navigate through all of the bullshit. It will become harder and harder to find trusted news sources, when everything can be so easily edited. Below is technology that increases the chance of creating false news, technology that turns people into digital puppets.

I say that there will be more poetry in the sense that there will be more seeking for the truth, and seeking better ways to clearly and concisely present truths in a way that is memorable. Perhaps this has always been the art form. We could call this ‘copy-editing’ instead of poetry. The difference between copy-editing and poetry, though, is that good copy tries to lure you into something while good poetry tries to teach you something. Good lessons will need sticky lines, and since we are drowning in information, power will lie with those who have the ability to distill it as truthfully as they can.


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