Learning Football

I am part of a fantasy football league with a dozen friends of mine from college. This year, they sent out a message to me and told me that if I wanted to stay in the league, I needed to start watching football games. So, I’ve blocked out time during my week to sit down at a bar to try and enjoy football.

There are certain things that I like without having to try that hard:  business, hip-hop, technology. Football wasn’t something that was really on my radar. I understand the rules, but I just didn’t have a need to watch games until my friendships were at stake. After college, my friends drifted to different corners of America and it became more and more difficult to find time to reach out to all of them and catch up. Football, now, is the excuse. In the league, we are constantly in touch and having fun.

One of the coolest moments of this year’s fantasy football season was my league’s draft. Ten of my friends all participated in a Google Hangout session as we drafted our players. “This is some next-level NASA shit,” one of my friends commented, and he was right. We managed to have light, energetic conversation with very little technical difficulties as we chose our players, drank beer, and shit-talked each other.

We are now in Week 4 of the season, and I’ve been following the games, small-talking with my co-workers about football line-ups, and having a great time. My father used to say that fishing was the excuse to go outside, and now I find that football is my excuse to connect with people I love, even when they are thousands of miles away.

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