Hitting A Wall

Last night one of my friends approached me and asked “Why exactly are you learning Ruby? Isn’t it on it’s way out?” I Googled this later in the night to check whether or not it was true, that the Ruby programming language was obsolete. It isn’t, yet. However, I have hit a kind of wall in my computer programming lessons. I’ve been working on stuff for over a month now, and I want to start applying what I’ve learned to stuff that I can interact with and share.

My friend Z suggested that I make a website, something simple (“No WordPress”) just to get myself started. To work on a simple project from beginning to end might be the most useful thing to do right now. I also browsed Treehouse’s libraries and found some videos for stuff that I’m interested in doing, which is helpful. I’m taking a step back right now and trying to have fun, or else I know that my brute curious energy will peter out.

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