Ideas & Arduinos

I bought an Arduino yesterday morning in an effort to make programming a little more engaging for me. Not that it isn’t engaging right now, but I am taking a bunch of classes and having trouble making the jump to actually creating something. My friends recommend that I pick a project and just try to see it through beginning to end. To have a final vision helps with all the stuff in between, especially as a learner. One of my projects is to make a scanner that pushes images directly to Instagram. I’ll be tinkering and trying to figure out how possible this is when the Arduino arrives in the mail.

Another idea I had was some sort of whiteboard-esque website for families to make meal plans for the week. I looked around and saw that there aren’t very many meal planning web-apps that are collaborative, so I’ve been sitting on this idea. It’s either make an app, or just spend $20 on a whiteboard and markers, which I may end up doing.

Ideation is fun and gives me a little bit of clarity as to why I’m learning programming. I want it to lead to a job, but in the meantime I want to actually know how to apply all this crazy code I’m taking in. Ideas are nothing without real-world application (sometimes). I like to think I can really learn when I am making something, or using concepts that I pick up in books to change the way that I approach my life.

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