The Information Diet

We are all drowning in news and content. Tim Ferriss argues that we should try to reduce the amount of time we spend consuming news. In his book The Four Hour Workweek, Ferriss suggests asking someone on the bus what the news is for the day instead of sitting down to read it yourself. In a similar vein, many of us rely on blogs in order to get gift ideas, book recommendations, and music news. Blogs do the research for us so that we ultimately have to think less and to do less research.

One such website that follows this trend of consolidating web content is FuckingHomepage takes news, trivia, recipes, photos, and presents it in a digestible fashion with added profanity. More websites like this need to exist. In response to news-content-overwhelm, I’ve taken to following my favorite reporters directly on Twitter, along with picking out the select magazines and subjects that I care about.

Curating and carefully handpicking the way you consume your news will free up your day and help you get closer to what’s important. When you walk into a bookstore or scroll through Netflix, we sometimes end up not picking anything at all because we are stunned by all the choices. We need more blogs, and more people who share their own curated content in a more approachable way.

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