Recent Setbacks

I bought a $80 Arduino MKR1000 starter kit and have failed to make the micro-controller do the basic function of blinking an LED. I’ve spent a lot of time on this, and watching YouTube tutorials is frustrating because this is supposed to take 10 minutes and for me it’s taking 2 weeks. I’m abandoning ship on this project for my own mental health, and I am a little bummed that this mistake cost me $80.

In other news, National Novel Writing Month is is two days. I’m worried about time management, but I’ve made it work before so I’ll just make it work again. I have a plot idea, characters, and a mini-playlist of inspirational writing music. Google Docs is far from the best novel-writing software, but it is free and the one most readily available to me. I have a Facebook group of friends that are all participating in NaNoWriMo, and we will be meeting up weekly (or something close) to write.

Zac and I are working on entrepreneurial projects that are stalling in the idea-phase. Perhaps soon we’ll have a profitable experiment out soon, but for the time being we are just geeking out over books on productivity and life achievements. We are trying to turn our interests into a business, but our interests are all over the place. The struggle (it seems) is trying to narrow our focus on the most important thing, our Minimal Viable Product. This product may or may not be a journal. We are still brainstorming.

Successes include creating my first-ever TwitterBot, which you can find at @PercyWishkiller. The bot recycles the words of 5 or so Drake songs and uses the lyrics to generate tweets. It’s simple, required almost no programming experience, and yields entertaining results.

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