being a tourist

this week, cheyenne and i were tourists in our own city! we went to the seattle aquarium, the chihuly glass museum, and the space needle, all in one day. cheyenne’s favorite part was seeing otters, and i loved being underneath glass vines and blossoms at the museum. at the top of the space needle, cheyenne and i pointed out various landmarks from our time in seattle: “look, that’s where we live”, “look that’s where you work”. and! we had ice cream.

i loved the entirety of the glass museum, but one piece in particular is standing out in my memory right now. there were two boats set upon a black surface. One was filled with glass orbs that looked like oversized marbles. The other was filled with tubers and shells, bits and bobs as if someone had plucked all the artifacts out of an alien ocean. what i liked about these was the banality of the boats and wildly fantastic vibrancy of their contents.

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connor miller lives in seattle, washington

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