finding time

finding time to do the thing you love is incredibly difficult. a lot of us simply don’t have a lot of time to spare, and we end up buying books, getting gadgets, and asking for advice for ways to get more time.

time, like money, is a resource. and i’ve learned that we can get more time if we pay attention to the time that we already have.

in ramit sethi’s book i will teach you to be rich, he claims that people don’t actually want to be rich. they want to feel rich, which means being able to spend money guilt-free on the things you enjoy. buddhist thich nhat hanh tells a similar story in his book the miracle of mindfulness. he tells a parable of a man who spends time at his job, with his kids, and running errands and doesn’t have any time for himself. but, at one point he learns that all this time is actually his time.

This kind of perspective shift frees us – if you don’t have time, what are you doing with the time you already have? How can you reframe your day so that you can properly use the time that’s already given to you?

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connor miller lives in seattle, washington

One thought on “finding time”

  1. For me, finding time has also been about listening to myself (being mindful and introspective) about when I really need those moments to myself. I struggle to be productive in the afternoon but I have more time in my mornings. I have sloooowly been adding small things to my mornings (taking time to eat and relax and think about my focus for the day, write in my digital planner). This has been helpful to put priorities in order and not feel as overwhelmed by my list. Reducing my anxiety in the morning has been a game changer and other positive things have developed from adding this one small thing.

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