going in the opposite direction

sometimes i get so bent on being productive, i forget that there are benefits of slowing down and being counter productive. last night, overwhelmed with everything i wanted to do, i laid back on the couch and listened to some ambient brian eno records. about a half hour later, i had slowed down my brain enough to think about some of my challenges in a different light. in particular, i figured out more of what i wanted to make for my ongoing virtual reality projects using a-frame.

similarly, i’ve noticed that some of the content that icrave is non-committal. With music, youtube videos, and podcasts, i can enjoy the content passively while doing other things, which is kind of the opposite of how i usually operate, with full intensity and without distractions. how can you venture in the opposite direction in order to return with some fresh perspective?

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connor miller lives in seattle, washington

One thought on “going in the opposite direction”

  1. When I find myself overwhelmed with “stuff” I have to do I go for a short walk, crochet a hippo, begin a sewing project or bake cookies. This relaxes my mind enough to return to the task with an unjumbled mind.

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