to be honest, i am kind of annoyed with blogging. it’s messy, it’s slow to produce and consume, and i am not sure if my blog posts ever have any longevity. i’ve been enjoying making videos and podcasts, but those projects have also slowed up as i have been focusing more on my work with clients.

i’m three or four weeks into my new day job, which has been rewarding and flexible. i like where i work, and i feel like i have the freedom to pursue my interests and ventures. working with clients is involved - it requires a lot of work and time. i find that i am reluctant to take on new projects because i just need to be available for the people i work for. i’m totally fine with that though. at the end of the day i am getting paid.

i’m working on a lot of “weekend web dev projects” which involves me trying to put together simple, fun web apps as quickly as possible. this has been really fun, though i think i haven’t been doing a very good job with sharing my progress in this field. for your browsing pleasure, i made an ugly little directory for all the projects that i’ve work on that i think are worth sharing. you can check it out here.

my clients marninsaylor are almost two-thirds of the way through their crowdfuding campaign, and they are currently 33% funded, which feels amazing. i’m going to focus the majority of my energy towards this project for the next month or so, and them start laying down the framework for my 2020 plans.

it takes a lot of patience for me to work like this (i like starting projects more then i like seeing them through) but i think i am getting better at perserverance.