Every Cafe In Portland. (2017). Reviews for every coffee-shop in Rose City, written by myself and travel writer Katie Vaughan.

CultureBucket. (2016). An annual collection of “Best Of” lists from bright twenty-somethings across the United States.

Small Drip Coffee. (2016). Treatments for a sitcom loosely based on Connor’s experiences as a barista.

Percy Wishkiller. (2016). This is a platform for my TwitterBot experiments.

Late Night Pomes. (2015) A poetry group in Portland, OR that meets weekly to write bar-stool poetry.

Infinite Summer 2015. (2015). A group of twenty-somethings blog about trying to read David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest over the course of a season.

Connor’s Bookshelf. (2013). I used an existing Tumblr app to share some of my favorite books in a visually intuitive manner.