why do i live in an expensive city?

seattle is not cheap. lunch, on average, costs $15 downtown. coffee costs $4. rent is a whole ‘nother story. i make it work, but it takes a extra amount of effort to get by. it means that i have to be smart, scrappy, and always on the hunt for a better opportunity.

and, thank god, the city is full of opportunity. living in seattle has connected me with incredible friends, cool communities, and great stories. the pressure has pushed me to learn a lot as quickly as possible. i live in an expensive city because it offers all the things that get my brain going.

i expressed my concern about seattle’s cost of living to a friend, who told me “the reason i came here is for opportunity. coming from a smaller town, i know that there is not a lot there for me. that’s why i am here.”

sometimes i feel tempted to move to a smaller town, but for now seattle is checking all my boxes. i get discouraged, but every once in a while the city throws me a bone, and it’s just enough to make be believe that i’m making all the right moves to secure a meaningful career in the long term.

your big break

today i had a big break, and it would have meant nothing if i hadn’t had been working on my own projects in the meantime. i met someone with a lot of resources, and they asked me “what do you do?” and i showed them my interview series, grounded in ongoing research that i do with the seriousness i bring to every job. they were impressed, and handed me their card.

this is a huge deal. one of my favorite quotes is from louis pasteur: “fortune favors the prepared mind”. if we are given an opportunity, we are more likely to grab it if we have primed our brains to receive it. this is why i always advocate for folks to work on projects, no matter how small or silly they seem. having a body of work to show for your interests separates you from the swaths of people who just talk and do nothing.