tired all the time? rest

our world is engineered to keep us engaged as much as possible. our phones, jobs, and friends demand our attention at a relentless pace, and burnout is prevalent. i often find myself exhausted, but still trying to be productive and outgoing even when i am at wit’s end. as a good friend once told me, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

my newsfeed is full of content that encourages me to take care of myself (@tinycarebot and @gumroad on twitter are some of my favorite online cheerleaders). even though i am reminded everywhere that “self care” is important, i still have trouble implementing it sometime. the simple answer? slow your roll. take a breather. don’t overthink it, and recline on the couch for awhile. the internet will be there when you come back refreshed and ready work.

going in the opposite direction

sometimes i get so bent on being productive, i forget that there are benefits of slowing down and being counter productive. last night, overwhelmed with everything i wanted to do, i laid back on the couch and listened to some ambient brian eno records. about a half hour later, i had slowed down my brain enough to think about some of my challenges in a different light. in particular, i figured out more of what i wanted to make for my ongoing virtual reality projects using a-frame.

similarly, i’ve noticed that some of the content that icrave is non-committal. With music, youtube videos, and podcasts, i can enjoy the content passively while doing other things, which is kind of the opposite of how i usually operate, with full intensity and without distractions. how can you venture in the opposite direction in order to return with some fresh perspective?